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2x 25w Class T Amplifier China
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOLEN
Summary Topping TP23 USB Class T Digital Amplifier 25WPC

We don't make the pronouncement lightly, but the Topping TP23 may possibly be the perfect desktop amplifier!

It is a dedicated computer amp, having only a single USB input. Plug the TP23 into a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with the attached USB cable and it should be instantly recognized as an external sound card. The TP23 will turn on or off depending on the presence of the USB signal from the computer – the only control on the amp is a big, friendly volume knob, front and center.

Speakers wires are attached using the mini binding posts on the back of the TP23. At the heart of the amplifier, there's a Tripath TP2021B IC providing 25 watts x 2 of Class T power, enough for all but the very most demanding nearfield applications.

Operation couldn't be simpler, performance is top-tier, and the construction is every bit as good as you've come to expect from Topping. The TP23 includes a rugged chassis with thick, brushed aluminum faceplate. Inside the amp, you'll see lots of high-quality, name-brand components from TOKO, ALPS, KOA, Nichicon, and EPCOS.


• Output power: 25W x 2 (4 ohms, THD 10%), 14W x 2 (8 ohms, THD 10%), 13W x 2 (4 ohm, THD 0.05%) • Size: 4.06" W x 1.46" H x 6.54" D  • Power requirement: 14 VDC, 4A (supply included) • Weight: Main unit only 0.91 lbs.; Package (including power supply): 1.55 lbs.

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