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UCC 2200mfd 100v Polarized Electrolytic Caps, 0.03ohms DF, 22mm D x 45mm H. 2200uf
Product Specifications
Manufacturer UCC
Summary 2200mfd 100v, 0.03ohms DF, 22mm D x 45mm H (2200uf)
General Information Type : Electrolytic Capacitor. Dielectric : Aluminum Oxide on Anode Foil. Electrodes : Paper Electrolyte on Cathode Foil. Construction : Round Tubular Type Metal Can, Radial Leads. Coating : Black Vinyl Tube Wrapped. Leads : Tinned Plated Oxygen Free Pure Copper.
Features High Quality Sound. Low Loss. Good Current Capacity. High Frequency and Temperature Stability. Very Long Life Time.
Electrical Performance Very Low Dielectric Absorption Factor. Low Equivalent Series Resistance. Low Self Inductance. Low Dissipation Factor. High Insulation Resistance.


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