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2 Way Bass-reflex Floor Standing, 1x G25FFL & 1x GF200 #5906

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer VISATON
Summary The VIB 2000 GF is the logical development of one of the most popular column cabinets in the field of D.I.Y. speakers – the VISATON VIB. The concept of the 2-way enclosure in a 45 litre vented cabinet has been retained, but the drivers used are different, and thecrossover unit has been reappraised to suit. In the low- to mid-range we have the GF 200 2 x 4 Ohm, whose fibre glass cone can produce a big stroke and thus is good for powerful low-range bass even at higher volume levels. The parallel resonant circuit before the low pass unit compensates for the rise in the mid-range of the 200 mm cone drive and guarantees a linear and coloration-free frequency response until the tweeter takes over at around 2.5 KHz. The 18 dB high-pass section links in the 25 mm G 25 FFL 8 Ohm textile dome unit.

The VIB 2000 GF produces remarkably vivid, precise bass output at the lowest frequencies, linear mid-range sound, spatially separated from the speakers themselves and a smooth, finely sketched high-frequency range.


1 VIB2000GF Louds. Kit VIB2000GF #5906 Germany VISATON 696.87$

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Poids 12 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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