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SB Acoustics Satori Sasandu, 3way Kit Pair with 2x MW19P-8, MR16P-4 & TW29BN-B-8.
2 957,15 $CA pair 3 479,00 $CA
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SB ACOUSTICS (PAIR)
Summary The SASANDU is a large 3-way floor standing speaker showcasing the advanced SATORI 29mm Neodymium Beryllium tweeter. The midrange is covered by the 6½” SATORI MR16P-4 Egyptian Papyrus cone midrange with a dedicated large sealed midrange chamber for low compression and wonderful open midrange reproduction. Each speaker is solidly anchored in the lower octaves by two 7½” SATORI MW19P-8 for a deep, tight, and satisfyingly musical bass.

SASANDU also called Sasando means “sounded instrument” and is a traditional Indonesian harp like string instrument with a body made from bamboo and native type of leaves. The SASANDU is a no compromise speaker kit designed to reproduce music as faithfully as possible.

The SASANDU’s faceted baffle and optimised tweeter position to lower diffraction as well as inclined cabinet to time align the drivers result in state of the art imaging. The large high quality crossover has it’s own chamber behind the removable plinth.

The cabinet is masterfully crafted from 28, 18, and 15 mm MDF with strategic internal bracing to distribute cabinet vibrations and lower sound coloration. A slanted internal partition reduces internal standing waves and the over size 75 mm port at the rear ensures uncompressed bass even at very high listening levels.


2 TW29BN-B-8 25mm Be  10cm SBA SB ACOUSTICS    
2 MR16P-4 17cm 36mm Papy SBA SB ACOUSTICS    
4 MW19P-8 19cm 39mm Papy SBA SB ACOUSTICS    
48 OXSOCKET8X1 Hex Socket Screw #8x1 SOLEN    
22 OXSOCKET10X1.25 Hex Socket Screw #10x1.25 SOLEN    
20 6X3/4P Pan Screw #6x3/4 SOLEN    
4 858-LU Binding Post Gold 8x38mm SOLEN    
2 SBPP-SI Plate Term, 104x104mm Silver DAYTON AUDIO    
2 PSP3-BKNT Precision Port Kit 3"x17" PRECISION SOUND    
6 POLYESTER Fiberflex 38mmx12x60" SOLEN    
32 CLASSIC1.6 Tin Plated OFC 2x1.6mm SUPRA CABLES    
8 GFD205-1614R Fem. Disc. .205" 16/14 RED SOLEN    
6 GFD205-1614B Fem. Disc. .205" 16/14 BLACK SOLEN    
2 GFD110-1614B Fem. Disc. .110" 16/14 BLACK SOLEN    
2 AOC1600G4R7 4.7 ohm 16W 2% 9x55mm NI SOLEN    
2 AGM330 3.3 mfd 700v Ag 20x33 SOLEN    
2 S20.39 .39mH 0.8 11x22x45 SOLEN    
2 S201.0 1.0mH 0.8 13x25x51 SOLEN    
2 MO1000J6R8 6.8 ohm 10w SOLEN    
2 B05A100K476 47 mfd 100v 16x34 SOLEN    
2 AOC1600G1R5 1.5 ohm 16W 2% 9x55mm NI SOLEN    
2 PB3900 39 mfd 400v 40x60 SOLEN    
2 L16.56 .56mH 1.2 14x29x57 SOLEN    
2 PB430 4.3 mfd 400v 19x33 SOLEN    
2 S161.2 1.2mH 1.3 16x32x64 SOLEN    
2 MO1000J12R 12 ohm 10w SOLEN    
2 PB680 6.8 mfd 400v 24x33 SOLEN    
2 S202.4 2.4 mH 0.8 14x29x57 SOLEN    
2 MO1000J2R2 2.2 ohm 10w SOLEN    
2 PB1500 15 mfd 400v 29x45 SOLEN    
2 S143.3 3.3mH 1.6 25x51x102 SOLEN    
2 B05a100k686 68 mfd 100v 16x42 SOLEN    
2 S1820.0 20 mH 1.0 25x51x102 SOLEN    
2 AOC1600G2R7 2.7 ohm 16w 2% 9x55mm NI SOLEN    
2 Y05A100K337 330 mfd 100v 25x52 SOLEN    
1 TW29-GRILL TW29 Magnetic Grill SB ACOUTICS    
1 MW16-GRILL MR & MW16 Magnetic Grill SB ACOUTICS    
2 MW19-GRILL MW19 Magnetic Grill SB ACOUTICS    
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