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Alsp Pad 1/8x39x39″ Canada

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Manufacturer SOLEN


The Damping Pad is composed of viscoelastic bitumen masses used for vibration damping and sound attenuation reinforcement. This product, whose applications are as much in the loudspeaker building as in the industrial environment are in the form of 1m2 sheets in 3mm thickness with a density of 5kg / m2). This material can be cut to the desired format and has an adhesive underside an covered with a protective polypropylene film that is found on the surface of the product.


Bitumens have three essential properties in acoustics:

The contribution of mass allowing to increase the insulation of a wall to the sound waves (law of mass theoretical: gain of 6 dB of acoustic insulation by doubling the surface density of the support)

 The damping of vibrations by dissipation of mechanical energy in the form of heat by internal friction between the molecules constituting the viscoelastic. This material substantially reduce wear phenomena such as crack formation or increased play in mechanical systems.

The intrinsic properties of the material: the elastic characteristics of the product make it possible to increase the sound reduction index at the critical frequency of the material on which it is affixed.


Reduction of impact noises.

Dissipation of the vibratory energy of a wood or metal structure such as loudspeaker enclosures, machine casings, pellet transport tubes, ventilation or flow ducts …

 Acoustic reinforcement of a support by eliminating the insulation losses at the critical frequencies of the materials.

 Vibration damping by applying patches on all wood or metal…

Increase of the mass effect weakening index on MDF, Plywood, gypsum, steel, aluminum or chipboard partitions, cladding, PVC joinery …


Black Alsphat Saturated Felt, Self Adhesive, 39″x39″x1/8″(3.0mm +/- 25%).

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 110 × 20 × 20 cm


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