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Cu/Ag Interconnect U.S.A.

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Manufacturer DH-LABS
Summary Cu/Ag Interconnect U.S.A.


The PRO STUDIO uses DH Labs’ proprietary surface treated, silver-coated OFC copper conductors, encased in a low density Teflon dielectric. Capacitance is a very low 12 pico-farads per foot (39 pf/meter) in balanced (XLR) mode and 21 pico-farads per foot (69 pf/meter) in unbalanced (RCA) mode. A heavy 95% braid provides the shielding. This cable is excellent for long runs. Special attention was paid to mechanically induced (tribo-electric) noise, which is often neglected in audiophile cables. Although it is primarily intended as an interconnect, this makes the PRO STUDIO exceptionally good for use as a phono cable, and also for other very low level signals (such as microphones) where cable quality is critical.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm


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