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Summary Introduction to Loudspeaker Design U.S.A


Introduction to Loudspeaker Design

This work was begun in 1989 as part of the user’s manual for my loudspeaker design software products. As I began talking with the users of these products I realized how difficult it was to locate introductory information on loudspeaker design. So I proceeded to expand my software manual to teach basic principles of audio and loudspeaker technology for hobbyists and engineers alike.

The design methods taught here follow the work of Neville Thiele and Dick Small. Ever since loudspeakers were first developed earlier this century to support the budding film industry the engineering analysis of loudspeaker enclosures was less than satisfactory until the publication of Neville Thiele’s revolutionary work on loudspeakers in vented boxes in 1961. After Thiele’s work was expanded and clarified by Dick Small the Thiele-Small Model for Loudspeaker systems analysis finally emerged as a usefull engineering design tool.

With the Thiele-Small method, the acoustic analysis of a loudspeaker enclosure was transformed and moved from the mysterious world of acoustics to the well-developed domain of electricsl circuit models that could predict the acoustic performance that would result when a given driver was mounted in a known enclosure. The implementation of Thiele-Small analysis on main frame computers and hand-held calculators in 1970’s marked the beginning of the practice of loudspeaker design via simulation.

Today most loudspeaker design task are performed with aid of a personal computer using loudspeaker simulator such as my WinSpeakerz or MacSpeakerz applications. Therfore it should not come as a suprise that much of the discussion here will center on computer aided design methods.

As this work has been a ‘labor of love’ it seems appropriate that it be dedicated to the one I love.

~for Sharon~

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