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8M DVI-DVI (DVI-D) Sweden

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Categories : A/V Cables
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SUPRA CABLES
Summary DVI stands for ’Digital Visual Interface’.

SUPRA DVI-DVI high performance DVI cable is a single link especially designed for digital video transfer up to 20m (60 ft). The cable is terminated with Supra’s high quality DVI-D connectors.

The DVI connector, CDVI-D, is cased in aluminium and therefore fully shielded (unlike common plastic- and metal-sprayed types). The connector is rewireable to enable mounting after cable installation in walls or conduits, tubing, trunking, etc. The gold plating of the pins is as thick as 0.8 micrometres for stable and longlived connection quality.

DVI-DVI supports HDTV resolution up to 720p and 1080i (max 20m).

Application examples: Computer/DVD to Video projector Computer/DVD to Plasma/LCD TV

DVI8: 8m DVI-DVI Cable (DVI-D, single-link)

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Dimensions 26 × 18 × 10 cm


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