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Multi-Function DAC

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOLEN
Summary Topping D3 Multi-function DAC with Headphone Amplifier
The Topping D3 is an audiophile machine. It incorporates 24 bit/ 192kHz DAC sampling with a powerful headphone amp. Topping uses hi-fi electronic components like an ALPS potentiometer, KOA resistors, capacitors from Nichicon and WIMA, and transistors from Toshiba. The sturdy aluminum case makes the build quality excellent and a gives it a sharp appearance.
Audio signals are sent to the D3 in many ways. The back of the unit includes left/ right RCA inputs, a USB input, and three S/PDIF inputs; optical, RCA, and BNC. This makes connecting the Topping D3 incredibly adaptable to most situations. The front of the case features an input selection button, power button, 1/4″ headphone input, and volume knob. Sampling bit rates are fast at 24bit/192kHz all while keeping distortion low. The integrated amplifier is powerful, with the ability to drive headphones between 16 Ohms-600 Ohms. With both pieces of equipment in one box, the Topping D3 is an irresistible addition to any audiophile’s list of gear.
Headphone Amplifier Specifications: Impedance: 16-600 ohms, Maximum output power: 165 mW (RL=32 ohm, THD+N=1%), 110 mW (RL=300 ohm, THD+N=1%), 70 mW (RL=600 ohms, THD+N=1%), Maximum output voltage swing: 19.2 Vpp, Minimum THD+N: 0.0007% (RL=32 ohms, Pout=50 mW), THD+N(@1kHz): 0.0032% (RL=32 ohms, Pout=50 mW), Frequency response: 4 – 32kHz, Input sensitivity: 2.3 Vrms, Noise: <10 uV – gain(@1khz): 9 dB, SNR: 110dB>
DAC Specifications: Maximum output voltage swing: 2.38 Vrms @ 1kHz, Minimum THD+N: 0.0005% (96 kHz sampling rate), THD+N(@ 1kHz): 0.00082% (96 kHz sampling rate), Dynamic range: 117 dB (96 kHz sampling rate), Frequency response: 20-20 kHz, Noise: <5 uV, SNR 114 dB, maximum sample bit of USB: 96 KHz, S/PDIF 192KHz>


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