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miniDSP DDRC-88D, Dirac Live DSP 8 Input 8 Output All Digital.


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Product Specifications
Manufacturer MINIDSP
Summary The DDRC-88D is the digital I/O version of the well-known DDRC-88A analog I/O Dirac Live processor. Housed in a compact lightweight chassis, the DDRC-88D provides a full 8 channels of Dirac Live room correction via professional AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs.
With 8 channels of Dirac Live processing, the DDRC-88D is ideally suited for professional surround-sound studio, broadcasting and Digital Cinema (DCI) applications. Dirac Live’s renowned room correction capabilities ensure the most accurate and immersive surround experience for mastering and playback. An inexpensive optional software upgrade adds additional processing functions including bass management and active speaker implementation.The DDRC-88D is configured via USB and a user-friendly software suite that runs on Mac or Windows. Four full preset configurations are stored onboard and can be recalled easily from the front panel or with a remote control. An optional half mount rack adaptor allows easy rack mount installation.Features
Processor: 32-bit floating-point Analog Devices SHARC DSP
Input/Ouput resolution: 24 bits
Matched sample rate clocked to first input channel (e.g. 192kHz in, 192kHz out)
Inputs: 4 x Stereo AES-EBU inputs (8 channels)
Ouputs: 4 x Stereo AES-EBU outputs (8 channels)
dB25 for easy interfacing to DCI processors
Optional DDRC-88BM plugin for Bass Management + Dirac Live + Active Speaker processing (Crossover/PEQ/Delay)Product Downloads
Product Brief: DDRC-88D
Dirac Series DDRC-88D User Manual
What’s in the box?
Dirac Series Audio Processor — DDRC-88D
Universal 5VDC power supply with IEC power cable
DB25 to XLR pigtail with 4 x AES-EBU XLR male (outputs), 4 x AES-EBU XLR female (inputs)
USB cables for Dirac Series audio processor
NOTE: The Dirac Live Calibration Tools for miniDSP software is only compatible with the provided UMIK-1 microphone for measurement.Optional Accessories
DDRC-88BM plugin for Bass Management
IR Remote
1/2 rack mount adaptor to mount the unit in a standard rack
Exploring the power of the DDRC-88D/BM
Advanced Bass Management (BM)
In this app note we will show you how to perform bass management with the miniDSP DDRC-88BM plugin and optimize it for your system.ddrc88bm bm overview51

Build Active Speakers with DDRC-88D + BM
Check out this complete step by step application note on how to use the DDRC-88BM to build an active speaker setup fully corrected by Dirac Live.

ddrc88bm active system

DDRC-88BM with Multi-Sub Optimizer
In this app note, we describe how the very powerful “Multi-SUB” optimizer to tune multisub on a 5.3 setup. A great app note showing the combined power of Dirac live, MultiSUB optimizer on miniDSP platforms.


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