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HDMI Audio Pro USB/Eth 7.1 China

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Categories : DSP
Product Specifications
Manufacturer MINIDSP
Summary The miniDSP nanoAVR HDA is a high-resolution 8-channel digital audio processor combined with a 2×1 HDMI audio and video switch and 8-channel D/A convertor. The floating-point SHARC digital signal processor (DSP) at the core of the nanoAVR HDA 8 channels of uncompressed audio over HDMI (Linear PCM) and provides the processed output over both HDMI and through eight RCA analog connectors.

The onboard audio processing is accessed via miniDSP’s powerful and friendly user interface. Channel routing, powerful and flexible bass management, independent crossovers and 10 bands of parametric equalization on every channel, time alignment… from tuning a subwoofer to time-aligning and equalizing a full 7.1 system, this diminutive processor provides all the audio processing flexibility our brand is known for.

The user-friendly PC/Mac software allows real time configuration of the nanoAVR HDA via USB (short distance) or over Ethernet (LAN). Combine with 3rd-party software like Room EQ Wizard and a miniDSP UMIK-1 USB measurement microphone to measure and tune all channels of a home theater or multi-channel audio system. Once configured, all settings are stored and can be selected from the front panel, infrared remote, or Android app.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 30 × 20 cm


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