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NAO Note II RS, 4way Dipole Speaker Kit Pair w/ Peerless & Scan-Speak.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOLEN
Summary The NaO Note II RS are the latest Dipole Open Baffle speaker designed by John Kreskovsky of Music and Design, and offers superb results at a very reasonable cost.

Please note that the kit offered here are driver sets only. For construction plans, MiniDSP details and general recommendations, you will need to visit the Music and Design website here where there is detailed background information and you can purchase Plan Set Packs. Photographs of completed NaO Note II RS speakers are reproduced by kind permission of John Kreskovsky and are © Music and Design 2012.

NaO Note II RS Driver Sets. The Note II RS Dipole is the latest offering from John Kreskovsky and is the next generation of NaO extended range dipole speakers. In addition to improving polar response and appearance, the Note II RS was designed to give a substantial reduction in cost compared to the NaO Note. To achieve both goals, careful consideration was given to all aspects of the system. The Note II RS eliminates the dual 18 cm midrange drivers of the earlier version and replaces them with a single 22 cm ScanSpeak Discovery 22W/8534 lower midrange. The upper midrange remains the ScanSpeak Discovery 10F/4424 while the Neo3 tweeter is replaced with front and rear Vifa OX20SC00 3/4″ dome tweeters.

The U-frame woofer system of the original Note has been replaced with a simpler dipole woofer using dual 10″ Peerless SLS 830668 woofers making the system a true full range dipole.. All of these changes make the Note II RS the most affordable speaker design offered by Music and Design.

The prototype was introduced in October of 2012 and was presented at DIY New England in December where it received very favourable reviews: “This is John K’s best speaker yet. Proof positive that if you take moderately priced drivers but use them CORRECTLY you can do great things…These were my favourite speaker overall from the day.” This is certainly high phrase considering that they were in the company of the highly respected Linkwitz Orion.

The NaO Note II RS is available only as a 4-way active system using the miniDSPHD4x10 digital crossover.

The NaO Note II RS is 46″ tall, 12 1/5″ wide and 19″ deep at the floor, 1 3/4″ deep at the top


2 10F/4424G00 10cm 20mm Fibe SCA SCAN-SPEAK
2 22W/8534G00 23cm 38mm Fibe SCA SCAN-SPEAK
4 OX20SC0004 19mm Ring 33mm PEE PEERLESS
4 S263SWR3908 26cm 39mm Pape 830668 PEERLESS
1 MINIDSPHD4X10 DSP 2 In, 8 Out Ana, 2x Dig I/O MINIDSP

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm


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