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SB Acoustics Eka, 2way Bookshelf Kit Pair with SB17NRXC35-4 & SB26STC-C000-4.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer SB ACOUSTICS
Summary The EKA is a 2 way bass reflex in 15 L box.
Frequency response is 39Hz to 24KHz.
Sensitivity: 90db 1W/1M
The tweeter is the SB Acoustics SB26STC-C000-4.
The woofer is the SB Acoustics SB17NRXC35-4.
The low pass network is a 3rd order design.
The high pass network employs a conventional 3nd order filter
with attenuation.
The X-over frequency is 2.4KHzIn Indonesian Eka means the first child. Representing the first kit of this very new company. a simple design, easily modified to your personal likeingBass reflex speaker designed for off-axis listening (i.e. not to be toed in – certainly not more than 10 degrees). This was done to create a larger uniform listening area and to make the cross-over network simpler. Bass reflex was chosen to minimize cone movement in the resonant frequency area (though cone movement will be larger at very low frequencies). It also makes the design more versatile – should anyone prefer a closed box, it is easy to seal the port tube. The use of bi-wiring terminals makes it possible to use an external cross-over, which makes cross-over experiments much easier. The tweeter is offset to reduce diffration problems. Internal bracing is used to reduce cabinet wall vibrations. It is recommended to place this speaker on a stand not too close to the rear wall. The distance from the floor to the centre of the tweeter should be about three feet. Possible modifications: Cross-over, damping material, and port tuning. It is recommended to place this speaker on a stand not too close to the rear wall.


32 6X3/4F Flat Screw #6×3/4 SOLEN
12 6X3/4P Pan Srew #6×3/4 SOLEN
12 CLASSIC1.6 Tin Plated OFC 2×1.6mm SUPRA CABLES
4 L16.62 .62 mH 1.2 14x29x57 SOLEN
8 MGFF Mini Grill Fast Fem SOLEN
8 MGFM Mini Grill Fast Male SOLEN
2 MO1000J1R0 1.0 Ohms 10 W SOLEN
2 MO1000J1R5 1.5 Ohms 10 W SOLEN
2 MO1000J5R1 5.1 Ohms 10 W SOLEN
16 OXSOCKET8X1 Hex Socket Srew #8×1 SOLEN
2 PA1800 18 mfd 250v 26×43 SOLEN
2 PA390 3.9 mfd 250v 17×28 SOLEN
2 PA680 6.8 mfd 250v 20×32 SOLEN
2 POLYESTER Fiberflex 38mmx12x60 SOLEN
2 PT-2FL Flared Port 2 SOLEN
2 S20.20 .20 mH 0.8 10x19x38 SOLEN
2 SB17NRXC35-4 17cm 35mm Pape SBA SB ACOUSTICS
2 SB26STC-C000-4 25mm Text 10cm SBA SB ACOUSTICS
2 TPT20GDS-CG Biwire Term. 96X75mm SOLEN
8 YRF Yung Rubber Foot SOLEN

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

1 review for EKA

  1. 5 out of 5
    Rated 5 out of 5


    I initially had reservations about this kit as i could see that it was one of the least expensive kits that Solen offered. Then, i got onto one of the diy forums, and this kit got shredded in one of its threads. However, upon looking more closely at the critisisms i noticed they were being made by persons who had not built the kit. i decided to put the opinions of these armchair enthusiasts to the test. Wow, were they ever wrong. these speakers image better than any speaker that i have owned before-i have owned some great speakers including speakers made by Snell. Another fine attribute is the ability of the Ekas to deliver detail without sounding bright. There is a sense of relaxation to the high frequencies, yet the high frequencies are not rolled off. Today, after making some final adjustments to the port length, i am pleased with the bass response. To wrap this up i would like to add that the people at Solen were very helpful and responded quickly to my questions-they were a big help.

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