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Seas Excel Delling, 2.5way Kit Pair with 2xW16NX001 & T25-002.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer SEAS PRESTIGE
Summary Delling is a compact floorstanding 2.5-way loudspeaker using state of the art Seas Excel drivers.The woofers are two E0049-08S W16NX001 . These speakers are really good at producing deep bass in small enclosures. The chassis and surround has been designed to maximize the available radiating area. The chassis has the same outer diameter as our 15cm chassis, but significantly larger radiating area, and also more depth to allow for long excursion.The tweeter is the widely used E0011-06 T25CF002 “Millennium” . Appreciated by builders of our kit’s for years, and and also selected by Siegfried Linkwitz for use in his Orion dipole speaker, this tweeter is well known for it’s accurate and effortless reproduction of the high-frequency range.

Enclosure design:

The woofers T/S parameters indicate that these drivers may be used in very small boxes. In this case we have oversized the volume a bit to extend the frequency range even further into the bass region. The front baffle is narrow, and the height of the cabinet is sufficient to bring the tweeter on axis in a normal listening chair. Net cabinet volume is 24 litres.

The cabinet is braced with horizontal MDF shelves that has holes to allow for free air-flow.  The braces are placed with different distance to each other. This will distribute the panel resonances over a broader frequency range. To further reduce panel resonances you may add bitumen based damping sheets on the inside of the cabinet walls.


4 858-LU Binding Post Gold 8mmX38mm SOLEN
18 CLASSIC1.6 Tin Plated OFC 2×1.6mm SUPRA CABLES
2 L144.7 4.7 mH 1.5 25x51x102 SOLEN
2 L161.0 1.0 mH 1.2 16x32x64 SOLEN
8 M4TN Tee Nut 4mm SOLEN
8 M4X25H Socket Screw 4mmx25mm SOLEN
24 M5TN Tee Nut 5mm SOLEN
24 M5X35H Socket Screw 5mmx35mm SOLEN
4 MO1000J2R7 2.7 Ohms 10 W SOLEN
2 MO1000J3R9 3.9 Ohms 10 W SOLEN
4 PA270 2.7 mfd 250v 15×27 SOLEN
2 PB470 4.7 mfd 400v 20×33 SOLEN
2 PB560 5.6 mfd 400v 22×33 SOLEN
2 POLYESTER Fiberflex 38mmx12x60 SOLEN
2 PT-2FL Flared Port 2 SOLEN
6 S18.27 .27 mH 1.0 11x22x45 SOLEN
2 T25-002 26mm Sono 11cm SEA SEAS EXCEL
4 W16NX00108 15cm 39mm Mg SEA SEAS EXCEL


Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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