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Seas Exotic, 2way Bookshelf Kit Pair with W8 & T35.8 & T35

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer SEAS EXOTIC
Summary A High Performance loudspeaker system featuring the SEAS Exotic W8 Woofer and T35 Tweeter Designed by Bjørn Borja and Håvard Sollien at the SEAS R&D laboratory.The Loudspeaker System described in this document was designed in parallel with the development of the SEAS Exotic W8 woofer and T35 tweeter. The goal was to develop a two-way loudspeaker using drivers with matching sensitivity and distortion, that would provide a smooth and extended frequency response in a cabinet of moderate size. The sensitivity of this system is higher than many systems of comparable configuration and size, making it ideal for use with low power valve amplifiers. Drive units

This system uses the Exotic W8 woofer and T35 tweeter. A full description and technical specifications for these drivers available at the web- site

The Enclosure

This system uses a vented cabinet with a net volume of 34 litres, and with a port tuning frequency of 40 Hz. It should be made from high quality MDF (medium density fibreboard). It is important that the cabinet sides are accurately cut, so they may be precisely joined together. Internal bracing and damping of structural resonances of the cabinet walls is also recommended. Details are provided in the cabinet drawing.


6 322GDS Crossover Term. SOLEN
4 858-LU Binding Post Gold 8mmX38mm SOLEN
2 L102.7 2.7 mH 2.4 32x64x127 SOLEN
2 L16.47 .47 mH 1.2 14x29x57 SOLEN
3 POLYESTER Fiberflex 38mmx12x60″ SOLEN
6 M22759/11-10-0 Cu/Ag 10awg Teflon Black SOLEN
6 M22759/11-10-2 Cu/Ag 10awg Teflon Red SOLEN
4 M22759/11-16-0 Cu/Ag 16awg Teflon Black SOLEN
4 M22759/11-16-2 Cu/Ag 16awg Teflon Red SOLEN
2 AOC1600G5R6 5.6 Ohms 2% 16 W Mil Spec SOLEN
24 OXSOCKET8X1 Hex Socket Srew #8×1 SOLEN
2 PA1000 10 mfd 250v 24×33 SOLEN
2 PT-2.5FL Flared Port 2.5″ SOLEN
2 AGM680 6.8 mfd 700v 29×38 SOLEN
2 AGM220 2.2 mfd 700v 17×38 SOLEN
2 T3506 35mm Text 13cm SEA SEAS EXOTIC
2 W808 22cm 39mm Papy SEA SEAS EXOTIC

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Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 50 cm


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