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Dayton Audio DML25-4 2″ Distributed Mode Loudspeaker Transducer 20W 4 Ohm (AKA BMT25-4)

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer DAYTON AUDIO
Type Balanced Mode Transducer
Impedance 4 ohms
Power Handling (RMS) 20 W
Frequency Response 150 – 15000 Hz
Sensitivity 82.1 dB
Dayton Audio DML25-4 2″ Distributed Mode Loudspeaker Transducer 20W 4 Ohm (AKA BMT25-4)
The DML25-4 2″ full-range transducer, from Dayton Audio, produces an amazing amount of quality sound on and off-axis while maintaining a small form factor. Designed to behave like a conventional pistonic driver at lower frequencies and a DML (distributed mode loudspeaker) and higher frequencies, this driver’s unique shape lends itself to modern audio applications, such as a speaker bars, docking stations, and satellite speakers, where sound is to be heard without the source being seen.
Great off-axis directivity enables flexible placement options, while the wide frequency response (that extends from 150 Hz up to 15,000 Hz) delivers cost savings to engineers… no crossover components or frequency-specific drivers are required. The Dayton Audio DML25-4 is a natural selection for designing and building anything from thin column line array speakers to ultra-compact smart speakers.

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