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Dayton Audio DMA80-PR, 80.5mm DMA Series Passive Radiator.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer DAYTON AUDIO
Speaker Type Passive Radiator
Nominal Diameter 80mm
Impedance – ohms
Power Handling (RMS) – W
Frequency Response – Hz
Sensitivity – dB
Voice Coil Diameter -mm

Dayton Audio DMA80-PR 3″ DMA Series Passive Radiator

The DMA80-PR 3″ passive radiator from Dayton Audio is the perfect option for achieving low tuning frequencies from the smallest enclosure designs. This incredibly small passive radiator has all the features you would expect lager units including adjustable mass, aluminum cone, and rubber surround. Visually identical to Dayton Audio’s full-range DMA series drivers, the DMA80-PR can also be used with any small driver that requires a low tuning frequency. The threaded rod and included wing nut on the back of the cone makes it easy to add mass to tune the radiator as needed for your projects. Whether you are building a smart speaker, sound bar, or portable Bluetooth speaker, the Dayton Audio DMA80-PR introduces a new range of possibilities.

Specifications: • Fs: 34.6 Hz • Vas: 0.071 cu. ft. (1.9 liters) • Qms: 8.91 • Cms: 1.41 mm/N • Mms: 13.7 g • Rms: 0.35 kg/s • Sd: 31.2 sq. cm. • Xmech: 7 mm • Dimensions: Overall diameter: 3.17″ x 3.17″, Cutout diameter: 2.93″, Depth: 1.76″.

Tip: As a general rule, the passive radiator(s) should have at least double the displacement of air (Vd) as the active woofer(s)/subwoofer(s) in the system.

To calculate Vd: Sd x Xmax = Vd



  • Perfect match for the Dayton Audio DMA series drivers
  • Allows tuning small enclosures lower than possible using conventional ports
  • Rear mounted threaded post allows easy mass adjustment for custom tuning
  • DIY friendly, oversized mounting flange makes installation simple


Additional information

Weight .17 kg
Dimensions 8 × 11 × 11 cm

Nominal Diameter

Cone Material


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