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Dayton Audio PT2C-8 Planar Tweeter

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer DAYTON AUDIO
Tweeter Type Planar Ribbon Tweeter
Ribbon Surface 32cm2
Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling (RMS) 80 W
Frequency Response 2000 – 26000 Hz
Sensitivity 94 dB

Dayton Audio PT2C-8 Planar Tweeter

Many audiophiles praise the Dayton Audio PT2C-8 ribbon tweeter’s excellent clarity, transparency, and imaging. The key to this remarkable performance is the almost weightless ribbon element: a Kapton film membrane etched with a pattern of aluminum conductors and placed precisely between two rows of neodymium magnets. The result is an immediate response to any transient impulse found in the original signal.

The Dayton Audio PT2’s ability to deliver musical detail is clearly amazing. The tweeter’s large membrane and radiating area provide higher power handling and a substantially lower cut off frequency. This membrane is thermally attached to a cast aluminum plate that facilitates cooling and dramatically increases dynamic range. The flared waveguide’s wide horizontal dispersion projects an excellent off axis response. At the same time, vertical dispersion is limited, which reduces distracting floor and ceiling reflections. Perfect for line array applications. The recommended second order crossover cut-off frequency is 3 kHz or higher, although the crossover point can be lowered to 2,500 Hz if a 3rd order crossover is used.

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