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SB Acoustics Arya, 2.5way Floorstanding Speaker Kit Pair with SB17MFC35-8 and SB29RDAC-C000-4.
CA$868.15 each CA$1,019.00
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SB ACOUSTICS (PAIR)
Summary The ARYA is a 2.5 way bass reflex in 45 L box. Frequency response is 41Hz to 28KHz. Sensitivity: 87.5db 1W/1M The tweeter is the SB Acoustics SB29RDAC-C000-4. The woofers are the SB Acoustics SB17MFC35-8. The low pass networks are 2nd order designs with compensation. The high pass network employs a conventional 2nd order filter with attenuation.The X-over frequency is 3KHzThe good-looking Arya is a floor standing 2½ way speaker. Arya means ‘not ordinary’ or ‘clever/smart man’ and we believe Arya is the clever choice if you want a very handsome ‘traditional’ floor standing speaker with a high performance. The drivers for Arya are the MFC (mineral filled PP cone) mid-woofers that give a tight/firm bass when tuned correctly, and a crisp mid. We are confident that PP-cones have never sounded better.With 2 x 6" you get enough quality bass in room up to about 50m2/500f2. The tweeter is the very renowned and patented SB29RDAC ring dome. It is a large dome of 29mm and the fact that it is ‘terminated’ on the top of the dome results in a very low distortion dome-type with a very ‘silent/black’ background.PARTS ONLY. CABINETS NOT INCLUDED!


2 SB29RDAC-C000-4 25mm Ring 10cm SBA SB ACOUSTICS    
4 SB17MFC35-8 17cm 35mm Poly SBA SB ACOUSTICS    
4 858-LU Binding Post Gold 8x38mm SOLEN    
2 SBPP-SI Plate Term. 104x104mm Silver DAYTON AUDIO    
52 OXSOCKET6X3/4 Hex Socket Screw #6x3/4 SOLEN    
12 6X3/4P Pan Screw #6x3/4 SOLEN    
4 PSP2-BKNT Precision Port Kit 2"x11" PRECISION SOUND    
4 POLYESTER Fiberflex 38mmx12x60" SOLEN    
16 CLASSIC1.6 Tin Plated OFC 2x1.6mm SUPRA CABLES    
6 GFD205-1614R Fem. Disc. .205" 16/14 RED SOLEN    
6 GFD110-1614B Fem. Disc. .110" 16/14 BLACK SOLEN    
2 MO1000J2R2 2.2 ohm 10W SOLEN    
4 PB680 6.8 mfd 400v 24x33 SOLEN    
2 S20.15 .15mH 0.8 10x19x38 SOLEN    
2 L141.0 1.0mH 1.5 19x38x76 SOLEN    
2 L16.47 .47mH 1.2 14x29x57 SOLEN    
2 MO1000J33R 33 ohm 10W SOLEN    
2 S143.3 3.3mH 1.6 25x51x102 SOLEN    
2 PB1200 12 mfd 400v 29x38 SOLEN    
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