News from Solen

New Metalized Silver Capacitors

Solen has some new Silver Metallized Polypropylene capacitors:

Available values:

AGM100 => 1.0mfd 700vdc 12mm X 38mm

AGM150 => 1.5mfd 700vdc 14mm X 38mm

AGM200 => 2.0mfd 700vdc 16mm X 38mm

AGM270 => 2.7mfd 700vdc 19mm X 38mm

AGM330 => 3.3mfd 700vdc 20mm X 38mm

AGM390 => 3.9mfd 700vdc 22mm X 38mm

AGM470 => 4.7mfd 700vdc 24mm X 38mm

AGM560 => 5.6mfd 700vdc 26mm X 38mm

AGM680 => 6.8mfd 700vdc 29mm X 38mm

AGM820 => 8.2mfd 700vdc 32mm X 38mm

AGM1000 => 10mfd 700vdc 35mm X 38mm

New Metallized Teflon™ FEP capacitors

Solen has some new Metallized Teflon™ FEP capacitors:

Available values:

3Q220N => .22mfd 1000vdc 11mm X 40mm
3Q330N => .33mfd 1000vdc 13mm X 40mm
3Q470N => .47mfd 1000vdc 15mm X 40mm
3Q680N => .68mfd 1000vdc 18mm X 40mm
3Q820N => .82mfd 1000vdc 20mm X 40mm
3Q1U0 => 1.0mfd 1000vdc 22mm X 40mm
3Q2U2 => 2.2mfd 1000vdc 32mm X 40mm
3Q3U3 => 3.3mfd 1000vdc 39mm X 40mm
3Q4U7 => 4.7mfd 1000vdc 47mm X 60mm
3Q6U8 => 6.8mfd 1000vdc 56mm X 60mm
3Q8U2 => 8.2mfd 1000vdc 61mm X 60mm
3Q10U => 10mfd 1000vdc 68mm X 60mm

New Teflon™ Film & Tin Foil capacitors

Solen has some new Teflon™ Film & Tin Foil capacitors:

Available values:

S3Q100N => .10mfd 1000vdc 9mm X 36mm
S3Q220N => .22mfd 1000vdc 13mm X 36mm
S3Q330N => .33mfd 1000vdc 15mm X 36mm
S3Q470N => .47mfd 1000vdc 18mm X 36mm
S3Q680N => .68mfd 1000vdc 21mm X 36mm
S3Q820N => .82mfd 1000vdc 23mm X 36mm

New Solen Film & Foil capacitors

Solen has some new Film & Foil capacitors:

Available values:

SN0010 => .010mfd 1200vdc 5mm X 23mm
SM0022 => .022mfd 630vdc 5mm X 23mm
SM0047 => .047mfd 630vdc 8mm X 23mm
SM010 => .10mfd 630vdc 11mm X 23mm
SM022 => .22mfd 630vdc 13mm X 28mm
SM033 => .33mfd 630vdc 16mm X 28mm
SM047 => .47mfd 630vdc 15mm X 36mm
SM068 => .68mfd 630vdc 18mm X 36mm
SM082 => .82mfd 630vdc 20mm X 36mm
SM100 => 1.0mfd 630vdc 22mm X 36mm
SE150 => 1.5mfd 400vdc 23mm X 36mm
SE200 => 2.0mfd 400vdc 25mm X 38mm
SY220 => 2.2mfd 250vdc 24mm X 38mm
SB270 => 2.7mfd 150vdc 20mm X 38mm
SB330 => 3.3mfd 150vdc 24mm X 38mm
SB390 => 3.9mfd 150vdc 26mm X 38mm
SA470 => 4.7mfd 100vdc 25mm X 38mm

Distribution of Motus


Solen has been appointed for the distribution of Motus.

Motus Audio is the culmination of over 25 years of experience in the high end audio industry.

The goal of every Motus driver design is linear frequency response, low distortion and superb tonality.

All Motus drivers are hand assembled using only the finest materials. Each material chosen for its sonic integrity after extensive evaluation.

RAAL New True Ribbon Transducers



  • Special FLATFOIL® pure Aluminum ribbon
  • Special SYMMLEAD® low inductance signal path
  • Special EQUAFIELD® NdFeB magnetic structure
  • Special “non-wave-guide” INOX front plate
  • Super-fast settling time
  • Flat frequency response
  • Low nonlinear distortion
  • High signal power handling
  • Highest reliability


Available in 4 sizes:

The 70-10D is a 7cm², 92db, frequency range 2KHz to 100KHz.
The 70-10DAM same as the 70-10D with Amorphous Transfo.
The 140-15D is a 21cm², 95db, frequency range 500Hz to 100KHz.
The 140-15DAM same as the 140-15D with Amorphous Transfo.
The 210-10D is a 20cm², 111db, frequency range 3KHz to 50KHz.
The 210-10DAM same as the 210-10D with Amorphous Transfo.

Also Available in Dipole:

The DIPOLE140-15D is a 21cm² open back, 93db, frequency range 1000Hz to 60KHz. Also availabe in AM.

sb acoustics

New series of Tweeter, Mid-bass & Woofers from SB-Acoustics.


  • New Illuminator series.
  • New Discovery series.

seas prestige


New Extreme Fullrange Drivers


New Wavecor Drivers.

precision devices

Solen has been appointed the distribution of the world renowned Pro drivers from Precision Devices.Finally those famous and exceptional products are easely available.There are many ways to approach building loudspeakers, Precision Devices knows only one; An unremitting desire for excellence.